Welcome to Swap-O-Rama’s Webster Westside Flea Market

For more than 50 years, Webster Westside has been the place to find everything imaginable!  We have 35 acres in an 80 acre compound of 3 open air markets.  In our market, you can find one of a kind items, gifts, pictures/signs, a bakery, jewelry, boutique items, furniture, musical instruments, electronics, hardware/tools, pet supplies, crafts, clothing and items used for personal protection.

We are especially known for great deals on good quality antiques and collectibles. As a primary source for the old and unique, we are shopped regularly by not only retail customers, but also serious collectors, decorators and other antique dealers.

We are open year round every Monday, rain or shine… Starting November 14th, we will be open on Sundays. We have two sit down restaurants, lots of snack vendors, a bakery and two Pubs for a cold beer or other beverages of your choice.  Don’t worry, if you run out of cash we have two ATM’s too..