Special Events

Webster Cycle and Auto Swap Meet September 1st 2013


General Information

Open every Monday year round (except if Christmas day falls on a Monday)

Summer Hour June 1st to Sept 30th

6:00 am to 2:00pm Rain or Shine

Winter Hours: Oct 1st to May 31st and all Federal Holidays

5:00am to 3:00 pm Rain or shine

Monday parking fees:

$2.00 for under 20 ft, $3.00 for under 30 ft, $4.00 for under 40 ft and $5.00 for under 50 ft

Located on the corner 478 and 3rd street
516 NW 3rd Street, Webster FL. 33597

Phone: 1-800-832-7396 or (352) 793-9877

Vendor and Patron Overnight Camping

$9.00 per day from Sunday 4 pm to Tuesday noon - 2 days, does not include Monday parking.
Please do not arrive before 4 pm ***no one is on duty to assist you

Electric: $5.00 per day for electric

Monday parking fees: